The Encryptedmail project
Secure encrypted email

We exist to prevent spy agencies & governments reading your email.


The sheer scale of NSA/GCHQ abuse of privacy is an affront to democracy. We plan to provide NSA-proof privacy, at least for email.


Only a user knows the encryption key: it never leaves the computer & we never see it. All email on our servers are encrypted by the user.

We will make the email client code open source and available for review.

We will only use opensource encryption software & protocols. Third party OpenPGP servers will be used for user public key certificates.


No system is perfect, design errors occur and bugs exists.

We will explain all weaknesses we know or learn of in our system and what, if any, workarounds exist.

Our initial pre-beta offering will be a proof of concept which will NOT offer security from the NSA. But the next versions will.


For legal reasons the project will never operate in the USA or use US companies or cloud services. Period.

However for practical reasons the initial development and early beta phases will be run from the UK and Germany. The UK is untrustworthy and the Germans barely better. When the project goes fully live it will be hosted in Switzerland.

About us

Encryptedmail is a project of Newzbin, former bad-boys of the Usenet world. Hated by the MPA we cut our teeth protecting our users from surveillance by big corrupt US corporations, so we understand the threats of surveillance.

The project is part funded by The NZB Foundation.

Contact us

If you would like to register an interest in the Encryptedmail project, and participate in early releases, just enter your email adress here.